Friday, August 13, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy for Books. Hop on over and join in on the fun!

This week's question:
How many books do you have on your 'to be read shelf’?

Shelf??? Do you mean that thing I call my bookcase, which isn't really visible underneath that pile of unread books anymore?
I always say I have a shelving problem. My boyfriend disagrees, he says I have a book buying problem. Same difference really.
I haven't counted in a while, but I'm sure it's over 50 (it was 50 a year and a half ago and I'm scared to count again). I've been trying to cut down by avoiding the book store, but after a month and a half I got really bad detox effects, so that didn't work out so well.
This is by the way only my stack of physical books, I also have many, many, many unread ebooks and the number of books on my to-read list is 402 (gotta love Goodreads, adds at least 20 books a month to this list).

So tell me, do you have a shelving problem or are you more of a less is more kind of person (I don't get this when it comes to books, but I know people who do)?


  1. I have a shelving problem, though part of that is because I inherited some of my fmaily's books and just didn't have anywhere to put them yet. I haven't counted the number of books I have lieing around the house waiting to be read. I probably should do that when I get home today.

    My bigger problem is my Goodread's to-read-list wich is something like 200+ books.


  2. Haha, yeah I have a shelving problem too (otherwise known as a 'too many books, too little space' problem). I have three bookcases in my room (filled with books I have read) and then one small bookcase in my closet (filled with books I have yet to read, but low priority books). Books from the library really should be contained to a plastic bin I have for those, but they tend to spread all over my floor...

    I just love books too much :)

  3. Hi, I am a follower and I hopped over! I wouldn't even attempt to count all my TBR books! :)

  4. Your boyfriend sounds like my husband! We lived in Kuwait for 4 years (no bookstore, argh!) and he would try to ration the number of books I brought back from the States! To be fair, over weight fees are killer, but still, what a meany!

  5. Oh, I've got a shelving problem for sure. I limit myself to only one book shopping trip per month. Ok, that's not entirely true. I GO to bookstores once a month. I buy a book online every now and then as well. For every book I purchase I check out 3 from the library... oh, well! I do like having books around me so it's not all bad. =)

  6. Yup, definitely have got a shelving problem. I set aside a shelf on one of our bookcases for the TBR pile. Now if only the entire pile would fit on that shelf! Instead, I've taken over hubby's TBR shelf as well.

  7. Hopping by to returnt he visit and follow! My Goodreads TBR is way bigger than my actual TBR shelf, too. I dont' think I will ever read all the books that I've marked on Goodreads--so little time!

  8. I'm slowly working on my bookcase. I'm about to donate 5 bags of books to the library! Yes, that's good, but when you look at my shelves, they're still crammed with books! Baby steps I guess. Like you, I tell myself to stop going to the book store to browse. But I just can't... it's like magnet pulling me there... I just can't resist (or I won't resist!).

  9. Yay you're reading Wildthorn! I really enjoyed that one, I hope you like it as well:) And 402 books on your TBR list! Whoa, that's really impressive:) You have your work cut out for you. Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm with you, it's a shelving problem! There is never enough books!

    Happy book blog hop