Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Top Ten Books I'll Never Read

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This week's Top Ten:
Your Top Ten Book's You'll NEVER Read

So this is hard, even if I don't feel like reading a book now, I might in the future. And I don't keep lists of these, so it's difficult to think of them (unlike my to-read list, which is alfabetized in an excell sheet, color-coded with the place to find them, I'm a geek, I know). But it's highly doubtfull I will read any of these:

1. 'Tis by Frank McCourt: I think Angela's Ashes was the only book I ever truly hated. I've heard other people say they loved it and I'm sure it can be enjoyable, but it just wasn't for me, which is why I won't be reading it's sequel.

2. Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey: I'd heard really good things about this one, but struggled through 100 pages, before deciding to put it down. I don't think I'll ever pick it up again. I could not get into the storyline and didn't connect with Ph├Ędre.

3. Rumors by Anna Godbersen: I could not get into The Luxe, I disliked the girls. I was surprised by this, because I love historical romance and thought this would be my kind of book.

4. The sequel to The Magicians by Lev Grossman: I have reviewed The Magicians, so you can see my reasons for not liking this book there. I just discovered there will be a sequel to this book, which will most likely provide the same issues I had with the first one, so it's a no-go for me.

5. Ink Exchange by Mellisa Marr: again, couldn't get into the first book in the series and discovered I'm not into fantasy that involves fairies. Maybe I'll have to try with another author.

6. The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time #2) by Robert Jordan: I keep finding myself repeating it: I wasn't into the first book in the series. And the size isn't making me very eager to try it again. But one of my best friend's boyfriend loves it and is encouraging me to give it another shot, so maybe I will cave in the end after all.

7. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: it's on my to-read list, but I struggled a bit with Anna Karenina and that hasn't motivated me to read this book, which will probably also be filled with many, many things about agriculture, politics and other things I find detracting from the storyline.

8. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: for this one it's the simple fact that travel memoirs aren't really my thing. I also rarely read non-fiction books.

9. The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan: it's supposed to be a good read, but I HATE zombies! They freak me out. There's no rational explanation, but I'll never read this book.

10. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler: I don't think I'll ever read this, the ideas in this book have caused such hatred and destruction.

So that's it, do you have books you probably won't ever read?


  1. Haha. This is an interesting list!!

  2. Zombies AND vampires freak me out. So not interested. I did enjoy Luxe and Rumors but not enough to move on to the third in the series.

    Agree about Mein Kampf. :)

    Totally forgot the Russian lit on my list even though I won't read them. Oops.

  3. Haha, War and Peace made it onto my list as well. I am on the fence about The Forest of Hands and Teeth because I have heard some good things about it, but like you I really don't care for zombies. I'm wondering if it could depend on how the zombies are portrayed though...*waffles*

  4. Great list! I couldn't agree more with your reasoning for not reading Mein Kampf. It's such a hateful book I would never want to put myself through reading it.

  5. I put War and Peace on my "read when I am old" TBR list. Eat, Pray, Love was a possibility for mine, and Main Kampf is on it.

  6. Great list! I see many similarities here with my feelings. Totally agree with Mein Kampf-although it didn't make my list, I find this person so thoroughly despicable that the thought of reading a book penned by him makes me ill.

  7. I agree with no. 10. :") but I'll try War and Peace some day VERY far from now.. ;")

  8. Haha, good call with Mein Kampf. War and Peace has a LOT of battle scenes and war stuff ........ I imagine if you don't love that you won't love War and Peace.

  9. Haha, you know I wasn't into fairies either, but Marr's books actually got me into them. Ink Exchange starts out kind of painfully, but the ending put me on cloud 9, I don't think I've ever been so proud of an author for writing what'd probably be an unpopular ending.

  10. I read The Forest of Hands and Teeth recently and was really disappointed in it. I can't see myself reading War & Peace or Eat, Pray, Love ever!

  11. I read half of Eat, Pray, Love and abandoned it because I felt that Elizabeth Gilbert was just a bit to self-centered for me to care what she was doing.

  12. I didn't know that there was a sequel to The Magicians...not sure if I'll read it, I was disappointed in the first one.

    I loved Anna Karenina, but have never read War and Peace...

    Ulysses is one that I probably will never get through.

  13. I couldn't read Rumors either, Actually, I dropped the series because I head the ending of it and didnt like it. Love the covers though.

    Re: Tolstoy, my favorite by him is Family Happiness, it's a short story (about 100 pages long). I didn't like Anna Karenina or War and Peace,but I liked that short story.