Monday, December 27, 2010

My Soul To Keep by Rachel Vincent

Title/Author: My Soul To Keep (Soul Screamers #3) by Rachel Vincent
Publisher/Date published: June 1st 2010 by Harlequin
How I got this book: own it
Why I read this book: I've been reading the series and wanted to finish this one before the 4th came out. Which is tomorrow.

First of all: a late MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody! I've been to my boyfriend's family and my own and if I don't eat again for another 3 days I will still be full I think..

**SPOILERS likely for book 1 and 2**

Summary: After all Kaylee and Nash have been through together, like saving cheerleaders and popstars and almost dying, Kaylee doesn't think there's anything left that can come between them (though her dad tries his hardest to limit their time together). Sure they haven't seen each other much since Kaylee had been grounded for the past month, but that's no reason to doubt their relationship.
Or is it?
With Nash acting weird and some classmates hooked on Demon's Breath, which is quite literally the breath of a hellion and apparantly something you can get high on, Kaylee will probably have to break a couple more curfews yet again.

I liked this one less than the previous two in the series, it was darker than the other ones were. Even though I already knew from the start what was wrong with Nash, I really wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, because he has been such a good guy.

Demon's Breath is totally scary stuff: it can get you killed pretty quickly if you overdose. I've never used any kind of drugs, but I know what it can do to you and Demon's Breath is ten times worse apparantly. I wanted to yell at Kaylee's classmates for being so damn stupid and not realising what they were doing.

And I wanted to kick Sophie, Kaylee's cousin, she's SUCH a pain in the ass. Admittely, she believes Kaylee had something to do with her mother's sudden death, but I don't understand why she doesn't get her facts straight before going bitch queen on her. Or why she hasn't gone to the police if she's THAT convinced of it. But in the end I think her dad should just tell her what's going on, she'll notice eventually he's not human when he doesn't appear to age and Sophie herself does.

I liked the character development for both Kaylee and Nash in this one. Nash always seemed so flawless and I think it's good that changes now, though he does fall kinda hard from the pedestal Kaylee put him on.
Kaylee seems to grow more of a backbone, which is nice and she isn't so blinded by her love for Nash to deny his problem in the end.

But my favourite character has to be Tod, I think he's amazing. Though his actions are sometimes questionable, he is a loyal friend and does what he believes is the right thing. And I love his ability to only be seen and heard by the people he chooses, even if they're standing right next to each other. I would love to be able to do that!

Though I did enjoy this book, my rating is a bit (but just a bit) lower than for the other two:
3.5 stars.

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