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Review AND *Giveaway* of Mystify by Artist Arthur

Title/Author: Mystify (Mystyx #2) by Artist Arthur
Publisher/Date published: January 25th by Kimani Tru
How I got this book: received it from the publisher through NetGalley
Why I read this book: I enjoyed Manifest, the first book in the series.

Yes that's right, I'm having my very first giveaway! (Hooray!) Thanks to wonderful Lisa Roe, who represents Artist Arthur, I can give one lucky person a copy of Mystify. See at the end of the post for details.

Goodreads summary: "Sometimes being an outsider is the best way to fit in…
Sasha Carrington has grown up feeling like an outsider, and her parents are too concerned with scaling the Lincoln, Connecticut, social ladder to even notice her. They’d be really horrified to know about the supernatural abilities Sasha and her friends Krystal and Jake possess. But as part of the Mystyx, Sasha has found her place.
Now her parents have suddenly taken an interest in everything she does, and their timing couldn’t be worse. Sasha’s father wants her to become BFFs with snooty Alyssa Turner, who hates Krystal for stealing her boyfriend. Then there’s Antoine Watson, the boy Sasha has liked forever, the boy her parents would never approve of. But with the dark side getting more dangerous by the day, and the Mystyx’s own powers growing in unexpected ways, Sasha is facing choices that could affect her friends, her love life — and even her destiny…"

In the previous book you had Krystal as the MC. Admittedly, she was a bit of a whiny brat at first, but she redeemed herself in the end in my opinion and I could sympathize with her. I thought it was interesting that they discovered their powers and was looking forward to knowing more about them and seeing them developing said powers.

In this one, we focus on Sasha, who seems somewhat clueless. Her parents are forcing her to team up with a girl she doesn't like at all for something that's not that important and she doesn't know how to say no, even though she is completely against it. She doesn't know how to really stand up for herself to them and is slowly realizing that not making up your mind can be a decision as well. And that it does have consequences. Like Krystal, she redeems herself and becomes a stronger character because of it.

One thing I noticed in both books: these kids have some seriously messed up parents! I already had issues with Krystal's mom and dad, but Sasha's are equally strange. Makes me feel even more grateful for the family I have myself. I mean, it's pretty harsh for your parents to force you into a friendship with someone you absolutely do not like because they want to get ahead in business. Her dad especially is not a warm, cuddly sort of person. In the town, there's a lot of focus on social status based on where you live and how much money you make and Sasha's parents are among the elitists. Their viewpoints make me sad and angry, it reflects such ignorance!

There is a lot of teen angst in the book and the Darkness is not to be ignored. There's actual evil laughter involved and this time it's actively trying to mess up their lives. I won't give away what happens, but this thing/person/power (I really want to find out what it is exactly) is seriously disturbed and needs to be beaten!

I enjoyed learning more about their powers and where they came from. And Sasha's powers expand in a very logical way, which I liked. There's not a really great amount of action in the book, it feels as a build-up towards the real thing that's bound to come in the next book (fingers crossed!).
And I just have to say I'm still rooting for Jake (this will make sense if you've read the book). He seems like a really great guy.

My rating: 3,5 stars

And now for the giveaway details:

*Open *International!* (YAY! Thanks again to Lisa for being willing to ship internationally!)
*The only thing I ask is that you're a follower of my blog
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*Open until February 9th, after which I will contact the winner

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