Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Queen of Glass Trailer!

This was posted on the author's blog, one of her friends and fellow debut author, Kat Zhang, made it and it's awesome!
I am SOOOO excited about Queen of Glass coming out next year, I read it when it was still on FictionPress and thought it was amazing then. And after all the revisions she's been doing the last couple of years, it should be even better.

Queen of Glass is Cinderella with a twist: Celaena is an assasin. Trust me, it is awesome. So watch the video and then put it on your to-read/wish list :)

I can't wait for 2012!


  1. Awesome! I've had this one on my list for quite a while now, can't wait until there's a cover for it :D

  2. Sounds quite amazing, and I love the trailer!! I'll keep an eye out for it.