Sunday, January 29, 2012

Daisy Update (4)

Hi guys! It's been two week since my last update and though not a lot has been happening, there's still some stuff I can talk about :)

As I mentioned last time, I'm still at the dermatology outpatient center and will finish up there on Friday. Which feels really weird, cause I can't believe I've already been there for 3 weeks! It's been great and I'm glad that I got to practice some skills such as stitching people up again. We really don't get a lot of chances to do this and I think it's SO important.
I ran into some patients that I knew outside the hospital setting, which is always weird for me, as it doesn't happen that often and my intern-life feels separate from my social one usually. I always try not to be the one doing the consult if this happens, cause I don't want them to feel embarassed.

Last week my friend who used to be my roommate before my boyfriend and I started living together came over for dinner and we always have such a good time together! We can just tell each other anything, I know she gets things without me having to explain a lot of extra stuff and it's great. We just talked for 4 hours straight :) I miss spending more time with her, but we're both really busy these days...

In blogging news: there's been a lot of drama going on and while I try to stay out of it, it does make me really sad sometimes. Last week I came across a blog post bashing romance novels which REALLY offended me and I'm still upset about this. It might turn into discussion topic once I've gathered my thoughts on the subject. And calmed down, cause every time I think about it I get mad again!

In budgeting and bookish news: I need to stop buying books! Seriously! I have bought a whopping 18 books as pre-orders from the Book Depository in the last 4 weeks and am waiting for one regular order to be delivered. This credit card I got is making it way to easy to just click and buy the books!
I'm REALLY excited about one: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (Goodreads). I read this one on Fictionpress way back before she decided to try to get it published (I think I was about 15 or 16 when I read it) and have been following Sarah's blog ever since to check on the progress. So I'm doing happy dances now that I know that August 7th 2012 will be the day that the whole world will finally be able to enjoy this amazing Cinderella retelling about Celaena Sardothien and all the other characters that I have come to love! I'm really looking forward to finally getting into this story again, because seriously, it has stayed with me for over 8 years! 191 days to go...

On reading: I have not been doing so well with the books I'm reading which makes me sad... But I did read a wonderful historical romance which sucked me in from the very first page! I've been gushing about it on Twitter and am excited to write the review and share it with you all! Also, Alexa talked me into reading Allegiance by Cayla Kluver off-schedule and it's GREAT! So thanks for that! :)

That's all I think, hope you all have a great week!


  1. :( I hate when they bash romance novels!! It makes me both sad and angry!!

    And I hope you get to see your friend more, I can hardly see my Bestie these days because she moved to the outskirts, outskirts of the city and it's a long treek each way, though thanks to her new job we might get to see each other more :D

  2. I've noticed that there's been a lot of blogger drama, but since I've been so busy this week, I've luckily missed most of it, lol. It's is NOT NICE to bash romance novels though!

    It sounds like things are going well :-) I love those convos with friends that can last for HOURS. I was once at my friend's house until 4:30 in the morning because we just kept on talking! Lol.

    Hope you have a great week Daisy!