Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon update!

I will just keep updating this instead of making a new post all the time I think. Or I might not, we'll see how it goes :)

Progress so far:

Day 1
Time read: 2.15-2.30 hours!
Pages read: around 150
Books finished: 0

Evaluation: YAY GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!! I thought I would never make 1,5 hours, but then I went to bed and wasn't sleepy at all: so full extra hour of reading time! Score!

Day 2
Time read: 2 hours
Pages read: I think around 120-ish
Books finished: 1

Evaluation: goal accomplished again! :) YAY! Also, I finished my first book The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland and wrote the review, so go productivity!

Day 3
Time read: 1.45 hours
Pages read: 100
Books finished: 0

Evaluation: goal accomplished, but barely! Twitter and the puppy and the boyfriend and even the TV were being shiny and distracting me. Also, I needed to pick up my mom's car and that took 2,5 hours, so yeah... I also wasted a lot of time looking at pretty clothes on the interwebs... I kinda sucked yesterday, cause I only had half a day at work and didn't read as much as I'd planned to.

Day 4
Time read: about 4 hours
Pages read: 240
Books finished: 1

Evaluation: so even with walking the puppy for about 2 hours all added up I managed to make it to about 4 hours. Do you know how hard it is to keep track of how long you've been reading? Cause I always forget to check when I started and breaks and such... Anyway: YAY FINISHED A BOOK! :)

Day 5
Time read: about 2 hours
Pages read: 120 pages
Books finished: 0

Evaluation: so I failed. I had a job interview in the afternoon and had zero concentration and a really high stress level before and after they told me I GOT THE JOB *SQUEEE* well, I just had no focus for a while after that either because I was freaking out and jumping up and down and calling my mom and everything. So I failed at my goal, but EPIC WIN on getting a job! :)

Day 6
Time read: 3,5 hours
Pages read: 250
Books finished: 1

Evaluation: made my goal, yay! Also walked the puppy and went out to dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate me getting a job, so all in all, I'd say 3,5 hours is a good score :)

Day 7
Time read: a little over 3 hours
Pages read: 120
Books finished: 0

Evaluation: made my goal, but just barely. Had to bring the puppy back to my parents :( And I've discovered that I can't read Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow at the same pace I do other books, I mean, 120 pages in 3 hours is a little slow for me... Anyway, I spent this last day reading outside and it was wonderfully relaxing :)


  1. Hurrah for meeting your goal for day 1! I'm off to a pitiful start but about to turn the computer off and get stuck in.

  2. LOL!
    I could never do soemthing like this - and even less now that my mum is home taking care of my dad, she doesn't approve of leisure time ... or butter, she doesn't like either of those. She's weird.

    Anyway, I hope you do great with this challenge.

  3. Gooooo Daisy! You're doing so great on your goals :-)

  4. I need to add an evaluation section to my updates :) I'm happy you've been doing well so far!