Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sarah Says Read Summer Mini Readathon!!

Hi all!!

Today is a wonderful sunshiney (so far, it's only 10.30AM) day and I seem to finally be conquering the annoying cold that has been with me this past week :)

Today is also the day of Sarah Says Read's Summer Mini Readathon!

Here's the plan according to Sarah:

-Read for any 12-hour block on Sunday, July 29th.
-Sarah’ll come up with some mini-challenges, and you can participate if you so choose.
-You may or may not win something via the mini-challenges.
-Tweet along with other mini-readathoners if you’d like via #ssrminiread
-Have fun and get some reading done.

So I'm going to do just that. I started at 9AM my time and will try to read as much as I can until 9PM. I've already finished one book: Shadow of Night, but it's slightly cheating since I only had about 90 pages left in it. But still: YAY!

If you're participating as well, or want to chat for any other reason whatsoever, find me on Twitter: @DBetweenpages

1 comment:

  1. If you're cheating, then I'm cheating since my first book had just over 100 pages left in it!

    Have fun!