Monday, October 29, 2012

Daisy Update (23) In which I'm like a broken record: busy, busy, busy

Hi guys!
It's Monday instead of my usual Sunday for this Daisy Update, but as I was working a 24-hour shift yesterday I was a little short on time to blog.

I've been SO BUSY! I've been somewhat absent from Twitter and blogs and everything because I've barely been home in the last week. Two weeks ago I wasn't scheduled to work an evening shift, but someone asked me to switch, so I wound up working Wednesday evening, which was actually pretty ok. That weekend I was barely home, we had a birthday party on Friday and at one point I was so tired that I just fell asleep if I wasn't talking. Saturday I had double booked myself with friends, had a high tea with friends from college and at night a birthday party for two of my best friends from high school, which was really fun! We went out and got hit on by two guys who were about 5-6 years younger, which is always funny. They didn't really get my humor though, one said after asking my name 'That's a name you don't here often,' to which I replied 'I do." He didn't get it. Oh well.

Sunday my boyfriend's grandparents celebrated being married for 55 years which is HUGE! I mean, seriously, that's a LONG time. We just hung out with his family and played some games and ate lots of food. With these parties there's usually more eating being done than anything else ;)

Oh, and I went shopping on Monday and bought a new winter coat:

I'm in love with the color :)

Last week I had Wednesday off, I LOVE having Wednesday off! It's so relaxing and I'm much more rested for the rest of the week. Why did I ever ask to switch to Monday?? Silly me... I caught a cold and was feeling pretty sorry for myself Monday through Wednesday, but lots of tea must have cured most of it :)

On Thursday the boyfriend and I went to see Maximo Park and it was GREAT! Even though the cold I had led to me almost falling asleep standing up before they started playing, I absolutely LOVED it! They all had amazing energy! I've seen them once before in my home town, which was a great show as well. Here's one of my favourite songs by them:

Saturday we had a going away party for one of the boyfriend's friends who will be spending 6 months in Turkey for his job, we've been plotting to see if we can visit him there in April when it's nice and warm and gorgeous there. Later we had dinner with the boyfriend's parents and after that we just watched some TV together at home.

Yesterday my shift was actually pretty quiet, there weren't that many patients and the nurses and I had time to sit together for about 2 hours just chatting before we had to go back to work, it was nice :) I didn't have to get up at night, so that was nice and SO MUCH BETTER than last time! We'll see what happens the rest of the week, I'll be working the night shift till Friday.

Bookish update: due to me being so busy I barely had time to read and it took me a shameful 7 days to complete Palace of Stone.. If it stays this quiet, I anticipate some more reading being done this week and next week is my first week off in 4 months, so YAY!

I pre-ordered myself some books. Again. I can't help myself... This week was a combination of me feeling sorry for myself for catching a cold and payday induced need to SPEND MONEY. Oh well.

Hope you guys have an amazing week!


  1. Wow, Daisy, you rock! I would have collapsed if I wasn't off for 4 months! So really, enjoy as much as you can next week, you deserve it! :) And I love the new coat!! ;)

    1. Thanks :) It feels so weird that I haven't had a week off since then, but with a day off each week as compensation I didn't really miss it. But I'm REALLY looking forward to just doing nothing but reading and spending time with the boyfriend and my friends :)

  2. Daisy! Your new coat is pretty! I love the color too! :)
    And seriously, I don't know how you keep up with your days!! :D

  3. Poor you, you have been crazy busy! I LOVE your new coat though, it's gorgeous! You're right, that's a very pretty color. And awwww to your bf's grandparents being together for 55 years! That's so rare these days, but so awesome when it two people do stay together for so long.

    I hope you get some time to relax and be with your boyfriend and read lots of books in the next couple weeks! Sounds like you've totally earned it.