Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daisy Update (26) and Book Haul (6)


I know I've been a bit MIA with my updates, but the last two Sundays I just didn't feel like doing anything but reading in the free time I had...

So work has been kinda crazy, mostly last Thursday and Friday in which I felt like I had zero control and was just running around trying to manage all 19 of the patients on my floor and there were a couple that were really sick and needed my attention... I was SO stressed! My supervisor told me he thought I was doing really well with everything, which was nice to hear, since I wasn't really feeling like I was, but at the end of the day pretty much everything was taken care off, so I guess I was less disorganized than I thought.
But I was so stressed when I got home that I started a book on Thursday night and had to re-read everything yesterday because I didn't remember any of it.

Anyway, other than the last two days, work has been good, I love working on one of the nursing floor and the bond you get with the patients there because you see them several days in a row.

2 weeks ago my little car suddenly wouldn't go into second gear anymore which made several alarm bells go off in my head and when I took it to the garage they told me I needed to replace the gear shift and the clutch and it would cost me a LOT of money. And I only got it 6 months ago! I wasn't expecting anything this big yet.. I was so disappointed and after discussing it with the boyfriend and my mom (I always call my mom when stuff like this happens) I decided I'd just buy a new car because I didn't want to keep putting money in it and am afraid something else is gonna break in no time.
So last week the boyfriend and I went for a test drive and now I'm just waiting for the paperwork on the financing stuff to be done so I can actually go pick it up, hopefully next week! I'll show it off when I actually own it :)

Last weekend on Saturday we went out to dinner with my parents in celebration of my dad's new job and it was SO GOOD! There were 5 courses, 4 of which you got to choose 2 dishes for, they served everything in smaller portions. Which also meant TWO DESSERTS! It was amazing and I'd love to go back there in a couple of months and try out other dishes :)

Last Sunday we celebrated Sinterklaas with the boyfriend's family, which is like a Dutch Santa (we also celebrate Christmas here) and had a secret Santa gift exchange, which was fun!

This week I've been mostly too tired to do anything but eat and sleep after I got home, but we did have a birthday on Friday and Saturday night that were fun and it's good for me to socialize with people who aren't my colleagues or patients.

Thursday it started snowing and Friday it pretty much snowed ALL DAY and seriously, it was pretty scary to drive to the hospital since the last part is downhill and my car doesn't do so well driving on snow. At one point I just kept slipping and was convinced I was going to drive into a ditch, but luckily it turned out all right. I hate snow. It's pretty if you don't have to go outside, but other than that it's just wet, cold, slippery and nasty.

Book Haul

Egalleys for review:
-And The Miss Ran Away With the Rake by Elizabeth Boyle
-What Happens in Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston
-The Duke Diaries by Sophia Nash: I just love my historical romances and these 3 look so good!
-Maid of Secrets by Jennifer McGowan: I'm a sucker for anything set in the time of Elizabeth I
-Taken by Erin Bowman: ALL THE EXCITEMENT!
-Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza: imagine what it would be like if you discovered you were and artificial intelligence experiment!
-Quicksilver by R.J. Anderson: the sequel to Ultraviolet, I still need to read it, but I been hearing great things!
-Deck the Halls with Love by Lorraine Heath: yay Christmas themed historical romance!
-Losing It by Cora Carmack: new adult!! And it sounds like the first episode of Grey's Anatomy without the whole doctor thing, and I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!
-A Little Bit Wicked by Robyn DeHart: there's a mask on the cover which makes me hope there'll be a masked ball in it, I LOVE books with masked balls!
-Pivot Point by Kasie West: sounds like it'll be filled with excitement and impossible choices :)
-The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay: I requested this one because April @ Good Books and Wine and Jen @ Makeshift Bookmark were raving about it on Twitter and I love a book that makes me feel EVERYTHING.
-Gravity by Melissa West
-Sister Assassin by Kiersten White: which is the UK version of MIND GAMES! Can you imagine my excitement??? I just know this will be EPIC! Though I do love the US cover more, but it's what inside that counts of course :)

-Touched by Corrine Jackson: it's about a HEALER! Of course I wanted it!
-The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater: I succumbed to the power of all your combined recommendations and raving about this one and purchased it :)

So that's my epic book haul for the last two weeks, link me up to your post!


  1. The Sea of Tranquility seems to be v. popular lately - I'll need to check this one out after hearing so many good things about it. :) Great haul!

    (Here's mine)

    1. Thanks! It does seem to get a lot of buzz, which is what made me notice it to begin with :)

  2. Ugh, I hate snow too! It's all pretty for about a day, but after that I just want it to go away. Luckily we haven't had much real snow yet - just one day when it stuck to the ground, and it melted the next day. I swear it's warming up in my area, our winters used to start in early November.

    That stinks about your car :( But hopefully your new one will be better in the snow! And I hope work gets a little less crazy and stressful. Have a good week Daisy!

    1. I like looking at snow, but when I go outside I remember it's just gross and cold and wet and slippery and EVIL. Did I mention cold? It's all washed away now, let's hope it stays that way :)
      I really hope so! I heard today that I can pick it up next Saturday, yay! :)

  3. I am always looking forward to your updates. :)
    Your job sounds pretty stressful atm but it also seems that you enjoy it tremendously.
    The Austrian(okay, the German one too)Sinterklaas is called Nikolaus - just to add a bit of a cultural/language factor to this comment and he brought a Amazon Gift Card - how cool is that. I see lots of new books coming my way after Christmas :)
    Have a wonderful next week

    1. I do love my job, but sometimes it just gets to me. But after relaxing for 3 days I feel ok again :)
      Ooh nice! Sinterklaas brought me a fashion check ;) You'll have to let me know what you get with your gift card, yay books! :)

  4. I absolutely ADORED Losing It!!!! I am also really excited to read Pivot Point. I really hope you enjoy your new books :)

  5. You got awesome books Daisy! Can't wait to read your reviews and see my wishlist grow :D
    Also, sorry about the car, but at least you get a new one soon! I love new car-smell. :D
    And Dutch Santa sounds fun, here in two days the season will kick into high gear with the food and the parties, but it's weird because all the major retailer stores have stopped selling Christmas decor.

    1. Thanks! And lol, I used to throw up from the new car smell when I was a kid, let's see if I do better these days ;)
      That is weird! I love the holiday season, spending time with family and eating lots of yummy food :)

  6. I am SO HAPPY that you have The Raven Boys in your hands! I love Maggie and her writing, and this is another one of her awesome books ;)