Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Some Quick Thoughts on The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson

So seriously you guys, after I was done squealing over getting my hands on the e-arc of The Bitter Kingdom, I just finished the book I was reading in no time and moved on to this one, because well, I LOVE this series and Rae Carson's writing and I couldn't wait till August to find out what happens to Elisa and Hector!!

Here are just some quick thoughts on the book, a full review will be posted closer to the release date:

-OMG, I just love Elisa! She's such an awesome character and I'm still wowed by how much she's grown over the course of this series!

-HECTOR! *swoon* *sigh* *generally all the things*

-The Inviernos are seriously creepy!

-Loved the council of the three queens!

I don't want to spoil anything but I do have to say that I am fully satisfied with this ending except for the fact that I'm infinitely sad the series has ended! (This is a plea to Rae Carson to write more books, pretty please?)

You can pre-order this book here and YES YOU WANT TO!

My rating: 5+ stars


  1. I must get the first book in this series and get started with it. Everyone says it is amazing. Thanks for the reminder. Anne at My Head is Full of Books

  2. Insanely jealous that you've already read this. But super excited to know it turns out so well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Can't wait for August!

  3. Ugh, SO jealous you got an advance copy. I can't wait to read this.

  4. Love it! I can't quite remember what happened in the first book, but I do remember loving it. I can't wait to check this one out!! Great review. :)