Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daisy Update (40)

Hi guys!!

It's the end of a beautiful sunny Sunday and I'm just now finding the will to sit behind my computer instead of on our balcony just reading the day away.

As I mentioned in my last Daisy Update, I had a whole glorious week off starting April 20th and it was in fact glorious! I did virtually nothing except be at home with the boyfriend, watch Pretty Little Liars, read and eat. And I loved every minute of it! We had originally planned to go abroad, but because of the boyfriend's job interview we stayed at home and honestly, it's probably brought me more relaxation than going on a city trip and running around trying to see everything before going home again. I love going on vacation, but I love spending time at home as well. It seems that I'm rarely home these days and it's nice to be able to just relax for a bit.

On Tuesday some of my friends came over for dinner, which is kinda perfect because I love cooking for other people when I have the time! We had a great time catching up, we're all doctors and it's rare for our schedules to line up enough that we can actually get together, so this was pretty great!

On Wednesday my brand new Sony ereader got delivered!! And oh my gosh, I love it so much! I'm still feeling guilty towards my old ereader and haven't been able to bring myself to move it from its regular spot on the back of the couch... But my new one is so much faster and it has a touch screen and is all kinds of shiny and yeah, I kinda just adore it.

Thursday the boyfriend and I went to the zoo and apparantly we'd chosen a day when a LOT of schools were planning a field trip there as well, so there were a lot of kids running around, screaming. I like kids, there were just a lot of them... We had fun looking at all the animals and a giraffe actually came close enough that I could have touched its head if I hadn't been such a chicken! We had a lovely day together :)

Friday we went shopping and I bought a dress that I'm not sure when I'll be able to wear it, as it is a bit on the fancy side, but I loved it so much that I just had to get it! Maybe I can wear it while applying for a job or something... Oh, and SHOES! I bought two pairs of shoes :) It was actually kinda funny because the sales lady was asking me if I'd decided which pair I wanted and looked really surprised when I said both.

Saturday I participated in Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-Thon and it was AWESOME! Sunday was pretty much just spent having a read-a-thon hangover and watching TV with the boyfriend.

Last week I was again working on one of the wards and I just loved it! I love getting to know the patients and working with one of my fellow residents and the nurses and just feeling part of a team. Tuesday was a national holiday here, Queen's Day, and I was the lucky one who got to work the day and evening shift. It was actually a pretty big deal this year as our queen has abdicated in favor of her eldest son, who is know our new king. I saw the most important parts of the events, work wasn't too bad, only one patient came into the ER, the patients already admitted needed some looking after though, so I was busy till it was dinner time.

And you've already heard about all my excitement over getting accepted for the residency as a GP! I'm so happy! I couldn't focus on anything on Thursday night after I got the letter and gah, I still can't believe it! I was so nervous and have been stressed for two weeks waiting for the letter and now it's here and I'm just YAY!! So I bought myself books. Naturally. I don't start till March 2014, so I'll probably need to look for another job to tie me over till then, but at least I know I'm going to get into the specialty I want and that's pretty much all that matters. The boyfriend and I went out to dinner to celebrate Friday night :) Thanks to all of your for the well-wishes, I love you guys!

Yesterday it was my cousin's first birthday party and I got her an adorable little dress and a legging with pink bows on it. I doubt they'll stay white for long, but at least it looks cute. Then last night we went out to have a drink with some of the boyfriend's friends and had a really good time. Today I've just been avoiding the house and have been hanging out on our balcony, reading, it was lovely!

I hope you all had a great week as well!


  1. Oh, Daisy! this was such a happy post :)
    Congrats, again!!
    And YAY for new reader :D

  2. So much happy and excitement! Your week off sounds LOVELY - sometimes it really is best just to stay home and relax instead of going off somewhere. And I'm so excited that you're going into the specialty that you want! Very good news indeed :-)

    Have a lovely week Daisy!

  3. It sounds like you've been busy! But your week seems like it was filled with good things :)