Sunday, June 9, 2013

Daisy Update (43)

Hi guys!

So this is the last day of my 3 week vacation. And it was GLORIOUS! Seriously, I did get some workaholic twitches every now and then, but I just loved how much time I spent reading, hanging out with the boyfriend and cooking and basically just relaxing. It was awesome! I feels a bit surreal that I have to work again tomorrow ;)

I kidnapped the parents' dog for a week and we had a lot of fun together playing with his ball, going for long walks, exploring the neighbourhood and beautiful parts of the city I don't really see much of otherwise. And I just felt so fit walking him a couple of times a day! It also forced me to get up at a reasonable time, which I actually love because then you just have the whole day ahead of you! He also was a very faithfull reading/blogging buddy, I loved having him here. I so want a puppy of my own...

These are basically his favourite pastimes: playing with the ball, sleeping, reading with me and playing contortionist puppy :)

Last week from Monday till Thursday night the boyfriend and I had a mini-vacation near the beach! The weather was cooperating and it was nice and sunny and I loved it! The apartment was really nice and we could eat out on the terrace in the sun, looking out at a little port. We went to the beach one day and spent the other warm day at the poolside. We even went rollerblading one afternoon, it'd been a REALLY long time since I'd last done that, it was so much fun!
Oh, and we watched Game of Thrones episode of HORROR! UGH! I KNEW it was coming, but that still didn't prepare me and I feel really lucky that I can freak out about this with Kelly on Twitter, cause it helps. It was awful and I was just SO SAD and needed hugs... And to not go asleep for HOURS after, because holy bananas, how could I possibly sleep after that??? Seriously!

Last night I went out for dinner with some of my friends, I've known them since high school and it's fun to catch up. After dinner we had a cocktail making workshop and it was really fun! I now know how to make some cocktails myself and am going to practice them on the boyfriend soon :) Then we felt the urge to go dancing and just shook our booties till it was time to go home, so yeah, it was a good night :)

Today I've been lazing around at the parents' house were I stayed over because my high school friends live near there and I've been home for a while now, the boyfriend and I are going out for dinner later to celebrate him getting a job!! EEE! I'm so happy for him and it definitely deserves food to celebrate! :D

And after tonight it's back to the real world for a little bit! I have 3 weeks left at work before my contract ends and I'll be unemployed for the summer. And really, if you're ever unemployed, what better season than the summer? It does feel really weird to be saying goodbye to all my colleagues soon, makes me a little sad... But I'm really looking forward to my residency, so it's all good :)

I hope you're all having a relaxing sunny Sunday!


  1. I'd love a puppy too, but my working hours are too long, unfortunately.
    Your mini-vacation sounds fun, and I watched that horrible game of thrones episode too. It must have been even worse for people who didn't know it was coming.

  2. I'd love a 3 week vacation. Yay for your boyfriend's new job :)

  3. Ooooo... Sounds like such a nice 3 weeks! And the puppy is SO cute! I'd love one, too, I'm just allergic. :(

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my grad school post! :)

  4. Awwwwww super-adorable puppy!!! It's so awesome that you got to steal him for a week :)

    Congrats to your bf for the new job! And yay for you, because you have a nice summer off to look forward to! Sounds amazing!

  5. the puppy enjoys Game of Thrones, doesn't he?
    He's ADORABLE!
    I want a puppy too, well, a second one, but Le Mom keeps saying no ;/

    I'm so happy you enjoyed your vacay! that's great, sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Glad you had such an enjoyable vacation! Your time off sounds like it was AMAZING. And also, the puppy is so cute!