Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daisy Update (46)

Hi guys!

So I've been blissfully doing hardly anything useful this week and it was WONDERFUL!

Monday and Tuesday I went to the lake again, it's nice to be able to be outside so much! We have a tiny balcony at the apartment, but it's tiny and it's completely out of the wind so it gets pretty hot in the sunshine and I don't really want to be there when it's full on summer (or what passes for summer) here.
So it's been nice just spending the day lying around on a beach towel and taking a dip in the lake in between. I've been reading and listening to my audiobook and just generally being all kinds of relaxed. Oh, and being chased by some kind of insect that wanted to sting me. I tried to get rid of him in the humane way by jumping into the lake, but the beastie wouldn't listen, so I wacked him eventually.

Wednesday I had dinner with my friends. One of them recently moved to a new apartment and I hadn't seen it yet, it's gorgeous! She now has so much more space than they used to and the neighbourhood they moved into is really beautiful! It was nice to catch up with them, one of them worked at the same hospital I used to, so I saw her every now and then, but the other I hadn't seen in two months!

Thursday I went to the spa with my mom and it was lovely! It was nice and relaxing, just sitting around in the sauna and the hot tub and getting a hot stone massage (BLISS). I love doing this with my mom, we talked about anything and everything :) After we went out to dinner, which was nothing special, but still nice.

Friday I had a barbecue with some of my ex-colleagues. And gosh, I've MISSED THEM SO MUCH! It was wonderful to see them again and just hang out and have a drink and eat delicious food! I came over to the one hosting the barbecue a couple hours early so I could help her prepare the food and it was nice to see her house and meet her boyfriend. I wish starting my residency didn't mean leaving all these people behind in the hospital! We'll just have to arrange to meet more often.

Yesterday was the start of the festivities surrounding the annual four day walking event that's being held in the city I live in. The walking itself starts on Tuesday, but all week long there's a sort of festival around the city and the number of people here basically increases tenfold during this week. We went out with a couple of the boyfriend's friends last night and it was fun, though it would have been even nicer if we'd gone to see some of the performances, I love live music!
I always love this event, but it does mean that people will be crashing our local supermarket, which leaves me staring at empty shelves... Oh well :)

Today is the boyfriend's family annual barbecue, so we'll be heading over to his grandparents' house in a little while. I just finished watching episode 12 of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars and OMG WTF??? SERIOUSLY?? I cannot even. SOMEONE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS!!

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. What a lovely relaxing week you're having! It's so awesome to catch up with people you haven't seen in a while, and trips to the spa are DOUBLE awesome.

    I seriously want to go to this walking event you mention someday. It sounds like so much fun! I hope your time continutes to be all sorts of fun and relaxing!!

  2. Daisy, your week sounds absolutely PERFECT!

  3. Oh, Daisy, your days sound lovely!!

  4. This sounds like an absolutely wonderful week! I can't wait till I fly home next week, so that I can kick back and relax (a little bit anyway) too!

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