Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Books and Good Wine's 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge! Day 1 and 2

So I already failed at this, since I didn't participate yesterday which was day 1, but I'm gonna be catching up!! :)

Day 1: Make 15 Book Related Confessions

1. I own approximately 630 fiction books. 394 of those I have not read yet. Hello, my name is Daisy and I'm a book hoarder.

2. I own several complete series from which I haven't even read the first book yet (this falls into the book hoarder category).

3. If a book has a pretty, shiny cover, I'm 10 times as likely to read it, no matter what it's about.

4. I frequently fail at keeping up with a series once I've started it.

5. If I'm reading, I will ignore you or at least try to. I'm reading, what do you expect?

6. I swoon over good guys a lot more than I do over the bad boy that everyone seems to fall for. Nice guys for the win! And seriously, who wants to date a douche??

7. I can get REALLY mad over cover changes in the middle of a series because WTF I shelved over all this money for the hardcover and now you tell me my books won't match?? #$%(@

8. My Broke and Bookish buddies Kelly and Kimberly obsess with me over the A Song of Ice and Fire series. And shirtless Gendry. It's even the image for our Whatsapp group chat. Because you can never go wrong with shirtless Gendry!

9. I'm always a little scared when I loan someone my books because 1) what if they don't like them? and 2) please don't damage my books!!

10. I pretty much always start craving a certain type of food/drink when I'm reading a book and it's a different thing for each book, but if they mention something a lot, it's usually that.

11. I still feel guilty over buying a new e-reader, and the old one is lying nearby because I can't bear to put it away. It's been my constant companion for a couple of years and now it looks all sad and alone not being used anymore.. This could also be called: I imagine inanimate objects have personalities and feelings.

12. I used to be embarassed about reading romance novels because they're looked down upon by a lot of people, but now I feel confident in my loving them, though I still feel a bit weird reading them when I'm at the boyfriend's parents' house...

13. I tend to shy away from books dealing with abuse, illness and World War II. I know some of these books are beautiful and I'm probably missing out by not reading them, but with all the stuff I encounter at work, I sometimes just want to read a happy book in which I know they'll go on to live happily ever after.

14. I haven't been to a library in FOREVER. The libraries here have a pretty limited collection (or rather: they don't have the books I want to read). This makes me sad, because I'd love to support libraries because as a concept they are awesome.

15. The Hunger Games is the book that got me into reading YA, it's also what made me join Goodreads and discover this whole community of booklovers and ALL THE BOOKS!

Day 2: What's your bedtime reading ritual?

I don't know if there's much of a ritual, but I'll wash my face and brush my teeth and then I settle down with whatever it is I'm reading at the time until my mind relaxes enough to fall asleep. This doesn't really work if I'm reading an edge of my seat scary book though...


  1. #11 - I too feel sorry for inanimate objects and worry about their feelings! Happy to see I am not alone there. Great list!

  2. #15 - Same here! And here's a confession: I love hardback books,but I pretty much only read books on my e-reader; however, if I really love a book, after I've read it on my e-reader, I will buy the hardcover. So I'm basically buying a lot of books twice! Great list!

  3. I use my library all the time, but I'm more likely to read the books I own than the library books I take out. It's horrible! Usually I'm returning huge piles of unread books.

    I don't see anything wrong with reading romance ... I mean, at least we're reading, right? :)

  4. I totally fail at keeping up with a series too. I just move on to different books and then have a hard time finding the time to return to the series. :)

    Michelle @ Playing Jokers

  5. Completely agree about nice guys!!!!

    I just bought a new e-reader and the old one is still on the dresser and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. The thought of giving it away/donating/selling it kinda makes me sad, but I have no use for 2!

    I love reading at night to relax my brain, but I CAN NOT read a scary book at all. Too much of a wimp, haha!

    My nighttime reading ritual.

  6. I only started hoarding books once I got to college. I think it was mostly because I had the freedom (and money) to buy whatever I wanted, and it just so happened that I mostly wanted books! That left me basically with lots of books I've bought because they were pretty or interesting... but remained unread. I should remedy that.

    Also, don't worry! I haven't started on this either -- and will be piling posts 1-3 together.

  7. Whoa, book hoarder indeed. I do the ignoring thing too. Probably not the nicest thing to do but oh well. Agreed on the cover- I'm a sucker for them too. I'm actually pretty happy with my library's selection. They have so many books that aren't hyped up at all in the blogger world which has helped me find some hidden gems.

    Nice post btw.

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

  8. Oh my gosh your #2 is so me. I buy a series just knowing I'm going to love it even if I haven't read a single book! And I hate, hate, hate cover changes, oh my gosh they're the worst. Especially when I love the earlier covers. I just wish they'd wait and just reissue the series with new covers on a reprint or in a different format.

    And I totally feel guilty for abandoning my old eReaders. I totally humanize inanimate objects. I totally related to those Ikea commercials a few years back. You're the first person I heard got into reading from THG versus Twilight. Oh yay!

    And no, scary books at bedtime are totally not the way to go if you want sleep. :)

  9. Hi Daisy! I'm a book hoarder too! I'm not quite at your level but there is a significant amount of books unread in my possession despite my best intentions.