Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daisy Update (49)

Hi guys!!

So it's been a bit of a weird week for me, since the boyfriend was barely home and the weather wasn't as lovely as it's been the past couple of weeks, but I still managed to keep myself entertained :)

Monday it was about 30C outside and sunny, so I spent the day reading at the lake near our house once again and I just love soaking up the sun! I don't really get a tan or anything, but it's nice to just lay there and be comfortably warm because there was this nice little wind blowing as well and yeah, I just do better in warm weather :)
That night I went over to one of my friend's house to have dinner and watch America's Next Top Model together. I love hanging out with her and watching this is just something we do together.

Tuesday was filled with doing nothing but go food shopping and read and visiting some TTTs. Oh, and I started watching an old season of ANTM, back when it was so much more fun and they were VERY critical during judging and had to do all crazy assignments as well. It's awesome, even if I know who will win it.

I had originally planned to go shopping for some nice summer dresses and a bikini on Wednesday, but the weather was so blah and rainy and just nasty that I decided to hole up in the apartment instead. I did film the vlog for the Book Banging intro post that day, you can go see me be awkward in front of a camera and gush about book boyfriends here. I had a lot of fun doing this!!

On Thursday I also just sat at home and read, aside from the time I had to go over to the boyfriend's sister's place because they were delivering her new bed and she couldn't be there herself (volunteering at the same kids' entertainment week thingy that the boyfriend was at), so I let the nice men in and they carried the bed up two flights of stairs. And I read BOUNDLESS by Cynthia Hand! And OMG, SERIOUSLY THAT BOOK!! I mean, OMG, I just have SO MANY FEELINGS!! I already wrote my review, so it'll be up in the next couple of weeks (I can't believe how many reviews I still have lined up because of all the reading I've been doing these last couple of weeks).

Friday I actually went shopping, but came home with virtually nothing (at least, for me it was nothing, I usually come home with LOTS of stuff)... There weren't any cute happy clothes, they all looked sad and depressing and if this is what I can expect for this Fall, well, let's just say this won't make for a happy Daisy. Everything was so blah and I really wanted a new bikini but the only things they had were either itsy bitsy tiny things or HUGE (or a combination of a teeny tiny bottom with a huge top, or the other way around), so yeah, that wasn't going to work.

Yesterday I went for a tiny shopping trip again because I'd forgotten to buy the boyfriend's mother a birthday present on Friday. And I somehow managed to get FOUR blisters walking in my new heels and seriously, that is just silly! I wasn't even walking in them that long and I've walked in them before and just UGH! Please stop murdering my feet, because you are so pretty!
At night the boyfriend came home (yay!) and we went over to one of his friend's for his birthday. It was nice, the only thing is that they don't really live near us, so I drove 3 hours total that night, and as the boyfriend was dead tired from the whole week, he slept the whole ride back, so that was kinda boring.

In about an hour we'll be going over to the boyfriend's parents' because his mother is celebrating her birthday. So this Sunday will be filled with lots of family and food and sitting around in a food coma because of all said food ;)

I hope you're all having a great week!


  1. This sounds like a nice chilled week, the kind you only get to have in long summer breaks.

    The weather hasn't been as good here either, but it's a relief after how hot it had been.

  2. You're such a social butterfly! It sounds like a good time, although booooooo for shopping fails. I hate when you want to go shopping but can't find anything good.

    I'm off to watch your vlog now, because I was at work when you posted it and couldn't watch it there. Have a great week Daisy!