Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm Off To Mallorca!

Hi guys!

This is a mini-update so that I can tell you guys that I'm going to Mallorca for a week! The boyfriend and I are flying there tomorrow and we'll be back the Wednesday after.

So in the next week there'll be lots of quality time with the boyfriend, sunshine, beach, swimming, eating yummy Spanish food, drinking alcoholic beverages, exploring the island and generally relaxing. Oh, and of course I'm bringing books ;)

We'll have no internet connection, which means I will really not be around for a full week. It's probably been years since I went without internect access for this long, so we'll see how frantic I am when we get back. But this means that there will be posts going up on the blog, but I won't be able to comment on anything myself or answer emails or whatever, BUT I'll catch up when we get back!

I wish you all a wonderful week and I'll think of you while I'm soaking up the sun and having a cocktail :)

See you all next week!


  1. And to Mallorca too! I will wish you a good trip again! And have ALL THE FUN! :-)

  2. Have a great time you two, enjoy the island and relax :) When you come back we'll meet two days later :D sorry, I can't contain my excitement

  3. Have a wonderful time together! I hope you have awesome weather :D


  4. Enjoy yourself! A break from the internet is a good thing every now and again :)

  5. Have a great time! I find breaks from the internet surprisingly relaxing :-D

  6. Have a wonderful week, Daisy!
    Enjoy the books and the food and the awesome of Spain :)
    I bet you'll be so busy you won't notice the lack of internet, and enjoy the food. Be wary of Spanish Tortilla though, is supposed to be potato, garlic and eggs, but it's really all just garlic covered in egg *shudders* otherwise.

    Oh, and enjoy the Siesta time! (Spanish are really serious about siesta, at least when I went to Seville, they closed everything down for two hours everyday so they could take a nap, don't know if is true in the island though.)