Sunday, December 1, 2013

Daisy Update (51)

Hi guys!

It's been a while! The last update was over 2 months ago... I haven't really been in my happy place this past couple of months and this is why there haven't been that many blog posts in general. I'm actually doing pretty well, but blogging is something that requires that part of my brain that hasn't really been working lately. But I'm hoping to fix this! Cause I love blogging :)

I'll highlight a couple of things that happened the last two months:

-I had a teeny tiny birthday celebration on September 23rd, went out to dinner with the boyfriend, one of my friends and her boyfriend and it was wonderful and relaxing and just all around what I needed that evening to be. The company of people who know me well and yummy food, I loved it!

-Later that week I went out to dinner with the boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend for my brother's birthday. We went to a sushi restaurant and man, do I love sushi! It was fun to spend time together just the four of us :)

-I worked my first weekend shift (which is SO MUCH better than the ones I had last year! This one only lasted from 8AM to 2PM, I was so surprised!), which was pretty quiet, but did have me stitching up a huge gash in someone's chin at 8.30AM. It was pretty cool :)

-Some of the other residents and I went out for a high beer. This basically means that we got 4 special kinds of beers and some snacks and just had a blast! It was nice to sit down together and get to know each other outside of the university! However, I'm not drinking beer again anytime soon...

-I went to see Beth Hart in Tilburg and it was AWESOME! I didn't know many of her songs before going to see her play, but she's incredible live! And I love her LA Song! She's also really funny :)

-We had our first and second book club meeting! In October we read More Than This and I still don't know what to say about that book, so my review is still non-existant. For November we read The Bone Season and JUST GO READ IT EVERYONE! The beginning is slow and there's a lot of info-dump, but after that it's simply amazing and THE ROMANCE! ALL THE SWOONS! There'll probably be a review for that sometime in the next couple of weeks.
I love meeting up with these girls and discussing the book (for about 10 minutes) and everything else! It's just nice to see everyone in person and really get to know the person behind the blog and Twitter handle.

-The boyfriend and I are looking at new places to live, a real house instead of an apartment and it's both exciting and terrifying! And kinda frustrating that the only houses for rent in Nijmegen are old and ugly... So we're looking at other options as well, though it'd be perfect if a pretty house somewhere around here became available for a reasonable price..

-I had a conference in Maastricht, which was all about emergency-care and was really interesting! After the conference, we had a dinner and party at a castle near the Belgian border and when we got there I just couldn't believe that all that was for us! I mean, a lot of the people there were residents like me and I've never been to anything this fancy before! Also, I don't think I've ever had wine that was that expensive before, it tasted so good! We went with almost our whole resident-group and it was so much fun!

-I went to see Catching Fire with the boyfriend and two of our friends and it was OMG SO GOOD! ALL THE FEELINGS! For more of my thoughts on this incredible move, go here.

I guess that were some of the highlights. In between these I've been working and studying and running around trying to keep everything running smoothly and at times remember to sit on the couch for a bit and just enjoy a quiet evening with the boyfriend.

Today is filled with sitting on the couch with my dad's dogs, reading, blogging and going for a long walk later on. I love quiet Sundays like this!

So how are you all doing? For those of you in the US: did you have a nice holiday weekend? Spend Thanksgiving with your family? And for my fellow Dutch bloggers: have you finished shoppping and writing your verses for Sinterklaas?


  1. Happy Late Birthday!!!!

    You've been SO busy! I hope things settle down and that you get to settle into a more happier time. And good luck on house/apartment hunting! Finding a whole house to rent at a decent price is tough. And Catching Fire was soooooo good! We just saw it on Friday and man, they did a really great job.

    Glad to hear from you again Daisy!

  2. Good luck looking for a new house.....I remember how good it felt when we moved to a rented house from a rented flat and suddenly we had an upstairs and a garden, it was awesome. I hope you find a house you both love soon.

  3. I'm happy to hear you are feeling a little better Daisy, I've been missing having you around! Just take your time in getting back :)

    YES TO THE CATCHING FIRE FEELINGS. We talked a little about in on Twitter and I'm still fangirling all by myself, haha. I'm thinking about going to see it again soon.. I'm so looking forward to meeting you all again. It's going to happen! Finally <3 Oh yeah, I love Sushi too! The sushi with the sweet egg, yum!

  4. *hugs* I hope you find a house soon, something pretty and awesome and not too expensive. :D

    I get you on needing an specific part of the brain to blog, mine takes it's sweet time to cooperate, but it's nice to hear from you again.

    And I actually had my first Thanksgiving this year, I went to Texas with my uncle's family and we had a nice dinner... and then we shopped till we dropped. which was fun, just to hang out with them.

    I hope you visit twitter more!I miss chatting about ANTM with you (I never did finish watching last season).