About Me

Hey all! My name is Daisy, 24 years old and since I enjoy reading so much, I thought I would share my passion through this blog. My most ancient memory is of my mom reading me a bedtime story (or actually my mom not being able to for a week because of a soar throat). It's all history since then, starting with actually learning to read myself and visiting the library to now buying way too many myself and having a shelving problem.

Favourite books include: first and foremost Pride and Prejudice (I think almost everyone secretly wants his or her own Mr (or Ms) Darcy), The Hunger Games, A Game of Thrones, the Harry Potter series, The Name of the Wind, His Dark Materials, The Shadow of the Wind, Jane Eyre, A Great and Terrible Beauty, the Notebook.
Actually, I'll read just about anything, but mostly fantasy, YA, romance and historical romance.
I'm now officially a doctor, hurray! It's been my dream and actually accomplishing it feels amazing!