Saturday, April 9, 2011

Read-a-Thon - Hour 7

So I've taken a little break, I had to, otherwise people would have thought me antisocial: I just got to my appartment and on the way here on the train I ran into one of my old classmates from back in highschool. It would have been really weird if I hadn't talked to him.
Oh, and riding a bike while reading isn't exactly healthy either ;)

But I'm here now and I'm still going strong.

My progress so far:
I've finished Invincible Summer, which was totally haunting towards the end, but a bit confusing all over. That was one weird family.

I'm now 5/6 through The Summer I Turned Pretty which is a really, really cute read. And perfect for the weather we were having over here: sunny with a brilliant blue skye. I've been reading it in my parents' backyard all afternoon. It was perfect.

Happy reading to everyone who is and isn't participating!


  1. Yay! Happy Read-A-Thon! I'm taking a bit of a break too, but only cause I was starting to feel pretty sleepy... I have about 10 hours to go.

  2. I had to do my bit of sociability at the beginning of the Readathon. I have to agree with you about biking and reading, lol.
    Happy Reading,

  3. So glad you could join us today and hope you’re having fun!

    Cover to Cover
    And Coast to Coast
    Across the Oceans
    We’ve been brought together
    By what we love the most!
    Let’s hear it for the readers!