Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lady of Seduction by Laurel McKee

Title/Author: Lady of Seduction by Laurel McKee
Publisher/Date published: June 1st 2011 by Forever
How I got this book: received it from the publisher through NetGalley

Goodreads summary: "It's a mad, ill-advised journey that leads the usually sensible Lady Caroline Blacknall to the legendary isle of Muirin Inish, off the windswept coast of Ireland. Even so, she doesn't expect to find herself shipwrecked and then rescued by a man she believed she would never see again. A man who, long ago, held her life in his hands... and with it, her heart.
Reformed rake Sir Grant Dunmore knew he could never forget the beautiful woman he once endangered nor will he ever forgive himself. But history seems doomed to repeat itself, for as long as Caroline stays on the island, she is trapped in a secret plot that could forever free Ireland - or turn deadly for all. And yet, now that she is in his arms again, how can he dream of ever letting her go?"

I was disappointed with this book. I was expecting wonderful tension and throughout the book I thought he would leave her only to realise he loved her (those kind of scenes always make me cry) and come running back. And none of this happened...

I mean, I love those kinds of historical romances when there's a lot of tension and secret glances and reputation-compromising meetings in darkly lit rooms and such. I LOVE those moments. And then they kiss and try to fight the attraction and there are things preventing them from being together and...
Times like these I realise I'm a hopeless romantic. And I don't even care.

But, none of this happened in this book. Cause what happens after she nearly drowns getting to his island? The next day they fall into his bed together. I mean, seriously. That was a bit fast for me. I know they have history, but get this: it's not really good history. I mean, he kidnapped her and her sister when her sister refused to marry him. That wouldn't make me fall in love with the guy.

There's probably something that I'm missing, as this is a series of romance novels and I haven't read the previous two, but I really didn't get why she was in love with him. I could have understood if it grew during her stay at the island, but right from the start? Didn't work for me.

It was a nice story, just not what I look for when I'm reading a historical romance.

My rating: 2 stars

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  1. Aww :( It sounded like a good story, and I too like the books where there is tension, but it doesn't seem like this is one of them - I too don't like it when they just jump in bed together :(

    Thanks for the honest review