Monday, July 18, 2011

Music That Makes Monday Suck Less (4)

It's time for Music That Makes Monday Suck Less!! Probably the best title this feature has ever had :)

Okay, so seriously, sometime it's embarassing to admit, but I love most of Katy Perry's songs. They're so happy and they get stuck in my head. And now it can be stuck in your heads too! Hooray! :) The clip is a bit too silly for my taste though...

And this next song is just beautiful. And it's the music to the commercial for the digital camera I want.

So, that's it for me now, what are you guys listening too?


  1. I just bought some great old records at a yard sale Saturday for $.50. Really looking forward to checking each one out. Check out my blog to have a look at what I found. Love your blog!

  2. Nice songs, though I didn't like the video of Last Friday Night, it was a bit much like you said.

    Song two reminds me of another song but I can't place it :P it still think it's lovely.