Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cover for The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson

The author just tweeted this from the catalog of HarperCollins! Doesn't it look amazing??? And it will just go so well with the cover of The Girl of Fire and Thorns!!

If you can't tell, I'm very much excited for this book :) Can't wait to add it to my shelf and have it being all shiny and pretty there. And of course to continue the series, cause The Girl of Fire and Thorns absolutely blew me away with its awesomeness (my review)

So, what do you guys think of it?


  1. That is one lovely cover! I like it! Plus it goes with the cover of the previous book :D

  2. Ooo, it's pretty! I really like it. I've been wanting to read The girl of Fire and Thorns for a while now. That one has a pretty cover too. :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl