Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daisy Update (12)

Hi guys! It's been two weeks, but last weekend I was busy I couldn't find the time to write up a Daisy Update, so I'll give you the lowdown on what's been going on for the past two weeks :)

Basically not so much.

Well, that's not true: I've been relaxing a lot and basically just doing all the things I enjoy: reading, spending time with the boyfriend, eating delicious food and hanging out with my friends. I also went to the sauna with the boyfriend and it was wonderful! I love relaxing in the water and being all nice and warm after going into the actual sauna. It was a good day :)

You guys may know that the European Championship is going on, of course I went to watch both of the games Holland played and unfortunately lost... Way to kill the mood in a bar! It was kinda painful to watch at times... The first match we watched in a bar and the other one we just watched at a friend's home, which was infinitely more relaxing, as I didn't have to constantly crane my head so I could see some of the screen.
Tonight's the match against Portugal and if it's anything like 4 years ago, that'll be a VERY painful game and I don't think we'll actually win.
I do however love that I heard on the radio that people in Ukraine (where the tournament is held) actually got out of their cars to take pictures of all the crazy Holland supporters all dressed up in orange clothing and all kinds of orange gadgets.

Also, one thing that put a bit of a damper on my weekend last week: 5 days after I picked up my car a rock landed on the windshield while driving and it got a little bit damaged. Which wouldn't have been so bad if while getting it fixed, it hadn't cracked further and instead of just taking a little bit of resin to be ok again, the whole windshield needed to be replaced... Yeah, I could have spent that money on a LOT of other, more enjoyable things.

Last night I went out with my friends from college, we've all graduated in the last 6 months and had dinner to celebrate that now we're all doctors! It was so much fun and while a couple of things went wrong at dinner, including one of my friends' chair breaking and a bit of plastic in another's food, we had a wonderful time. After we met up with the guys and went dancing at a bar in the city. It had been such a long time since I'd done that with them and I love that with them I can just dance like I do at home, as if noone's watching and they join right in :) I love spending time with them, and with our busy schedules we don't do it nearly enough, but last night was just SO much fun! :)

I've been reading up a storm and I'm hoping to continue like this until I start my job in just two weeks... Time just flies by and I feel the urge to study, but I haven't actually opened a textbook yet... Tomorrow, definitely. Or the day after ;)
Because I was so envious of everyone having fun at BEA, I decided to cheer myself up a bit and buy books. But it had been about a month since I last bought them, so I'm allowed right? I bought two Julia Quinn books and some others that had been on my wishlist for some time now. Can't wait till they all get here! I should really show off what I've been collecting for the past 6 months sometime... It's A LOT!

Next weekend the boyfriend and I are going on a mini-vacation, renting an appartment near the beach. Hope with me that the weather will be nice to us, but either way I think we'll have a great time just getting away from everything for a couple of days :)

Today will see me going to my parents in about half an hour to celebrate Father's Day and just catch up with them a bit.
Hope you all have an amazing Sunday and a wonderful week ahead of you!


  1. That's a bummer about your car, but otherwise it does seem like you've been having a fantastic time! And I do hope that the weather is nice for your mini-vacation, it sounds lovely!! :-)

  2. Other than the car it sounds like you have been having lots of home.
    I watched the game today :( Sorry about that. I still kind of love the Eurocup, though! :) I wish it had more coverage like when I was a kid.

    And have a great time at the beach!

  3. It's awesome that you got to buy a few Julia Quinn books - she's the best!