Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daisy Update (21)

Hi guys!

I promise this post will be a lot more positive than last Sunday's was. After posting it I realised I sounded really negative and that wasn't my intention. I do really love my job, sometimes it just gets to me.

But this week was much easier because I only really worked 2 days, Wednesday to Friday I followed a course on how to systematically approach an acutely ill patient. It's meant to give you a plan to follow instead of staring at the patient in blind panick, not knowing where to start. So YAY to more routine and less flailing! It did kind of feel like I was in college again, with all the different classes we were taking over the 3 days and a lot of the other residents having started in the same year I had, so I knew a lot of them. It was fun :) Also, I noticed that I really can't pay attention to someone talking all day anymore without almost falling asleep. It's hard!

Following the course did mean that I didn't have Wednesday off, which felt weird, but it was worth it!
Though I'm a bit sad the boyfriend and I didn't get to spend any quiet time together this week. We're both just so busy and sometimes it's just nice to spend a night hanging out on the couch together, doing nothing.

Yesterday I went shopping :) I needed to get presents for all the people throwing parties this weekend and ended up buying some things for myself as well. Including shoes. But it had been over a month I think, so I was totally allowed! ;) I needed a pair of black heels that I could wear to work, AKA ones that are sturdy enough so they won't hurt and won't be ruined when something gets spilled on them (I've ruined shoes that way before). And I found these really cute wedges, so I'm good :) Wedge shoes are SO comfortable! I don't even feel like I'm wearing heels at all!

But enough about my shoe obsession ;)

Yesterday we went to a BBQ one of my best friend's was hosting for her birthday, which was fun. We don't hang out often enough anymore and I always have fun with her! After we went to the boyfriend's brother's party, which had PJ party as a theme, so instead of a cute dress or skirt I got to wear my pajama pants. Which was comfy, but I like dressing UP when I go out instead of down... But I caught up with his other brother's girlfriend and some other people, so it was nice.

In about two hours we have the annual family reunion. My mom's side of the family gets together once a year around my grandmother's birthday. I don't see much of them other than that day, so it'll be nice to see what everyone's doing. After that we have another birthday, so we're pretty busy this weekend!

Also, it's my brother's birthday! :) He's turning 27, which feels so weird, cause in my mind he'll always be the way we grew up together and it's weird to think of him as an adult with a job. It also means that my own birthday is coming up in 2 weeks. I can't believe July and August have flown by so fast!

In bookish news: I failed at reading again. I had to study a bit for the course I was taking and it took up most of my free reading time. Also, I fell asleep. And with being so busy on the weekend and not having Wednesday off, well, I kinda didn't have a lot of time. I did really enjoy the one book I did manage to read and my review will probably be up tomorrow, so there's that :)

I'm off to eat something and get ready for the afternoon and maybe visit some blogs and read some, but that's kinda wishful thinking... Hope you have a great week!


  1. Glad to hear your week was easier than last. Writing about negative stuff happens to all of us and sometimes we just have to tell it and we feel better - so don't worry about last week's post.
    Shoes are great, I need new ones too. Black boots sound really tempting - I need to go check out what's in stores on Monday. :)
    Have a fun Sunday!

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome week this last week, Daisy! Well, despite the lack of reading, but studying is good, too!

    Have a good week -- and happy birthday to your bro!

  3. Yay for a better week!
    Too bad about the reading, but you'll get there =)

    I hope your week goes well.

  4. I'm glad your week was better! And it sounds like the gatherings you went to were both a lot of fun. :)

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