Sunday, December 16, 2012

Daisy Update (27) In which I bought a new car!!!


So lately I've been doing the updates every other week (or less, cause I've been busy and lazy, a deadly combination), but despite doing one last week, I just HAD to tell you about my excitement this week!

I BOUGHT A NEW CAR!! And picked it up yesterday :) I'm still heartbroken because my first pretty little car failed me, but I just love my new car!

Here's a picture:

Ok, so this isn't *my* car, but mine looks exactly like it and I'm too lazy to go down 3 flights of stairs to shoot a picture of mine ;)
I love it and it's so pretty and shiny and it's still a little car, slightly bigger than my previous one, so I can still park it :) And even more important: EVERYTHING WORKS! Everything is new and runs smoothly and it's just wonderful.
I do kinda feel bad for the poor little car I had to leave behind at the dealer's...

The rest of the week has just been BUSY. I didn't make it home before 8 o'clock Tuesday-Friday. Work has been REALLY busy. On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my colleagues, which was fun as I don't get to see them outside of the hospital much. So it was nice to just relax with yummy food. Friday I also worked the evening shift and it was pretty ok, the ER wasn't all that busy and I even got to watch a bit of the finale of The Voice of Holland.

Today the boyfriend and I are going over to my parents' for dinner so I can show off my new car and to catch up :) And to cuddle their dogs, cause I miss them. If I had time to walk a dog, I'd probably have one already, though the boyfriend isn't convinced yet.

I hope you all had a great week!!


  1. Love your cute new car! I love tiny cars, aren't they the best? Have fun driving it around! Hope you have another great week!

    1. Thanks!! I love tiny cars as well! They're so easy to park and they don't require as much fuel as big cars do :)

  2. Your car is lovely!
    Im glad you like it so much, there is something just lovely about a new car. Oh and ya for visiting the dogs, we almost have my mum on board to get another smaller-dog our dog doesn't feel lonely.
    Also, YAY for bonding with co-workers. :D

    1. Thanks! It has that whole new car smell going on :)
      I just love cuddling with their dogs, I miss them when I haven't been to visit in a while. And you should totally get a dog to keep your other dog company! At first our oldest dog didn't really like it, but now he feels miserable when the youngest isn't with him ;)

  3. If I had a car that cute, I would definitely show it off to anyone I know. =D LOL! I’m sure you’ll be driving your Hyundai i10 to places this year, since it has low fuel consumption and very comfortable to drive.

    Carry Demaggio