Sunday, December 22, 2013

Daisy Update (52)

Hi guys!

So the blog has been lacking updates somewhat... I've just been so busy! And I'm not even sure what I've been so busy with, but I'm so ready for a couple of days off!

My residency is one thing that's been keeping me busy, lots of 'homework' for the one day a week we have classes at the university and the other four days with seeing patients and trying to juggle a social life next to that. I'm really enjoying my residency, but man, I just need a few days of not having people complain about stuff and then I'll be good to go again! I had one evening shift, which was ok and last Friday I worked the night shift and it was both really weird and pretty fun, our last patient of the night was this really cute 2-week-old baby (who thankfully wasn't sick) and it left me with warm and fuzzies.

So yesterday I tried to catch up on sleep and failed and I couldn't manage to keep warm on my own because I was so tired. We did go see a concert, we'd seen the band play before, but this time they were doing an acoustic version of all their songs and it was AMAZING! They're really talented!

Over the past three week we celebrated Sinterklaas with the boyfriend's family, had a nice day with my mom and her new boyfriend, had the puppies staying with us (which definitely made me get off the couch a lot more), I went to an amusement park with my friends, went out for drinks with the other residents and decorated our Christmas tree:

A real tree doesn't fit in the apartment and I like this one, the boyfriend's dad made it for us :)

I have tomorrow off to compensate for the night shift and I'm probably gonna spend it picking out a new washing machine as the one we have is broken... Tried to turn on the stupid thing this morning and it wouldn't start and now it's taken the clothes I put in hostage... UGH! So either the boyfriend (who is as electronically challenged as I am) will fix it or we'll just order a new one, though it's highly inconventient with the holidays and the extra time it'll probably take before it'll get here...

Anyway: yay only one more day of work before Christmas is here and my mini-break starts! :)


  1. I love your little Christmas tree! I wish I had something like that for our tiny apartment. Instead we just skipped the tree this year.

    I hope you can get the washing machine thing sorted out and that you enjoy your break coming up!! Happy Holidays :-)

  2. What a fun Christmas tree :D! I read about you washing machine on Twitter, I hope you'll able to fix it!

  3. I love your Christmas tree, especially as it was made for you. As always you sound very busy, so I hope you have a relaxing and restful break over Christmas!

  4. Your tree is awesome!
    We just put ours, like, two days ago, my mom and me had to do everything because my dad and sister had to work. :P

    Also, you're so busy!! I always feel like a slacker when you read your recaps!! But I'm glad you're enjoying the residency :D