Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daisy Update (53)

Hi guys!

I feel like I keep saying this, but: it's been a while! At least since my last update here. This has a couple of reasons, but mainly it has to do with that 2014 has been kicking my ass these past couple of weeks and last Friday we got some REALLY good news that I'm excited to share with you, but we'll get to that!

So Christmas was ok, as much as it's my favourite holiday, this year it was just a bit weird because of my parental situation. My mom was away on vacation, so we spent the first day of Christmas with my dad, my brother and his girlfriend were there as well, so it was nice. Just weird having it be five of us instead of six. And my dad asked me to do the grocery shopping because he didn't know what to get, and man, do people go crazy shopping for their Christmas food! I mean, it felt like a jungle in the supermarket! I got out as fast as I could. Which wasn't very fast at all. But we had a nice dinner and played games and it was fun.
Second day of Christmas we spent with the boyfriend's family and ate a LOT of food again. They were two pretty uneventful days and that's ok by me.

We took my dad's dogs home with us, as he was going on vacation as well the day after Christmas, so the days in between Christmas and New Year's Eve were spent walking the dogs and cuddling with them and cleaning up after them ;)
We also had a Christmas dinner the Saturday after Christmas with some of my friends, we do this every year and everyone makes a course, it's always fun and yummy and I love spending time with these girls and they're partners!

We had another book club dinner, which was fun! We went out for tapas, discussed Howl's Moving Castle and a lot of other things. And we had a Secret Santa gift exchange, which was lovely! Debby got me Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons, they both sound amazing, thanks again Debby! I love hanging out with my book club ladies! :)

On New Year's Eve (well the day of New Year's Eve) we heard that there would be people coming to check out the apartment 2 days later, so the boyfriend and I scrambled to get everything in order and cleaned and tucked away, which was pretty stressful and made me not so much in the mood to go out and celebrate that evening. So we did go over to one of my friend's and counted down with them and watched the fireworks from her rooftop terrace and after went over to one of my best friend's house to say happy new year, but after that I didn't feel like going into the city anymore, so the boyfriend and I just went home instead of partying all night long. I can't say I regret this decision.
Especially cause the day after was filled with more cleaning. And after we went over to the boyfriend's grandparents', which was nice.

So I've been pretty stressed out because over the past two weeks we've had people coming to take a look at the apartment 4 times and every time we need to tidy everything up and clean and it just doesn't feel like my house anymore when it's all decluttered. It feels sterile and less like a home and it's been hard on me. And in between we've been trying to rent a house and due to some administrative nonsense we were too late and I was just SO disappointed and frustrated by the whole process and that didn't help. And then I got sick with food poisoning and I've been a bit of an insomniac the past week and just UGH! This is why 2014 has been kicking my ass.

BUT! Here comes the part where I tell you my good news!

We got a call Friday morning saying that someone who'd already signed a contract saying they'd be renting one of the houses I wanted backed out and it was available again! So we have an apointment with the realtor tomorrow evening! I'm SO excited! Now I can start dreaming of our pretty new house that will have a dishwasher and floor heating and just ROOM! And a garden! And a bath! And I just want to start decorating! Also: once I have our new address I can start pre-ordering books again!

I just needed a bit of good news to get me out of this funk and I'm already sleeping better and just looking at the sunny side of things again and just excitement! :)

So how are you all doing? :)


  1. YAY HOUSE NEWS! I'm so excited for you :) Hope everything goes okay at your appointment tomorrow and you can soon start decorating and planning where those new bookshelves are gonna go ;)

    1. Thanks Daph! <3
      And hahaha, yes, one of the things I'm already plotting is which of the extra bedrooms will be the new home for my books ;)

  2. Ahhh, so exciting that you're getting a house! Hopefully after the move everything will calm down (:

  3. Congratulations on the house! It's such a stressful business, you must be glad it's nearly over now ;-)

  4. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you <3

  5. YAY! I'm so happy for you getting your house, it'll be so exciting planning all of the decorating :)

  6. Yay!!! Congrats on the house and good luck with the move. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!

  7. Yayyyyy Daisy, congrats on finding a house!!! That's fantastic. I'm so happy for you guys :-D

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on the new house! I'm excited for you :)